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Karim Hosein

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With a borrowed set of books, the Time-Life series on photography, I was intrigued by the art at age thirteen. I got the proper introduction to it by a master photographer from New Zealand a year later, when I revived the Munro College Photography Club (MCPC).

I began teaching (and continued learning) photography the following year, 1982. I taught in clubs (MCPC & the University of the West Indies Camera Club, UWICC) for ten years, sitting on the executive bodies for eleven.


  • In-home/on-site, studio, outdoors
  • Head-shot, bust, half/full body, et al
  • Model shots (Comp cards, portfolios, et al)


  • Corporate events, documentation
  • Artistic, literal
  • License to reproduce


  • Light-tent, on-sight, studio


  • Portfolio, real estate, promotions


  • Scenics, nature, abstracts
  • matted, floating, framed
  • various sizes